Eye Condition: Presbyopia

Eye Condition: Presbyopia

Presbyopia is the loss of the ability to clearly see close objects or small print. Part of the natural aging process of the eye, presbyopia is often confused with farsightedness but the two are not the same. Presbyopia occurs when the natural lens in the eye loses flexibility, while farsightedness occurs as a result of the natural shape of the eyeball, which causes light rays to bend incorrectly once they have entered the eye.

 Treatment: Treatment options include wearing corrective lenses, undergoing refractive surgery or getting lens implants.

 This common eye problem can be cured or at least slowed if caught early by an eyecare professional

 Seeing your eye doctor regularly is the best way you can ensure healthy vision for years to come. Please call 03 9310 7900 or Click here to book an Eye Test Appointment

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