Eye Conditions: Cataracts

Eye Conditions: Cataracts

Characterized by a cloudy, milky white lens in the eye, most cataracts are age-related and more common in people over 50 (but can develop at any age). Cataracts can be the result of injury, UV exposure, or protein deterioration over time; this is what causes the eye’s lens to cloud. If left untreated, cataracts can ultimately cause severe vision.

Treatment: Fortunately, cataracts are a common eye problem that can be treated through surgery. Whether surgery is needed depends on the degree of vision loss and whether it affects your quality of life and ability to function.

This common eye problem can be cured or at least slowed if caught early by an eyecare professional

 Seeing your eye doctor regularly is the best way you can ensure healthy vision for years to come. Please call 03 9310 7900 or Click here to book an Eye Test Appointment

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